Over 13 years of customer feedback has revealed that people face a few prevailing challenges when shopping for casual lifestyle clothing. Our goal is to provide a frustration-free experience so that you spend less time hunting for the right style and fit, and more time enjoying life. 

Challenge #1: Finding the right sizes.
Manufacturers are not too consistent in sizing garments, with up to a size difference between some styles! A decision was made early on to “size up”, even when discouraged by manufacturer’s representatives. Feedback from the boutique’s customers verify the decision. Two manufacturers, at our urging, have added more “plus” sizes to their lines. Further, we include measurements in our product descriptions to help you make informed choices.

Challenge #2: Finding suitable casual apparel.
People want to be comfortable. We feature women’s clothing and men’s clothing in cotton and gauze, hemp, and wrinkle-resistance linen.

Challenge #3: Finding domestic products.
Our customers often mention that they are tired of the big box stores that import 99 percent of their products from far-away foreign countries. Most of our merchandise is manufactured in North America (the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Peru).  You may find clothing produced in China, but you’ll have to look long and hard. Unfortunately, hemp has not been allowed to be grown on U.S. soil, and we are forced to import it.

We take great care to ensure you're outfitted in the fit and style that's perfect for the time and place. Don't hesitate to contact or visit us to discuss the best apparel choices for your needs.