We are so fortunate to live in the tiny town of Sisters, Oregon (population: about 3,000) that has largely escaped the pandemic. However, we still wear masks into and out of restaurants (but not while we are seated), at the post office, and at our stores and offices. Outside, on the trails through the forests, kayaking on the lakes, and fly fishing on the Metolius River, most people depend on the sun, the fresh air, the breeze, and social distancing to keep people safe. We are fully vaccinated as we feel a moral obligation to keep healthy and help prevent infection in others.

Paul and Kathleen are the only persons who can enter The Last Resort office and inventory storage room. Our aloe vera/70% alcohol disinfectant stands ready near the printer. Our HVAC system uses the most expensive filters on the market and they are changed every three months. And oh yes, if we have any symptoms of any infectious disease, that person is quarantined until all symptoms disappear.  And that's about it, folks.

Paul and Kathleen Twelker
Founders, Owners, and Operators, The Last Resort