Why Casual Lifestyle Clothing...and Why The Last Resort?

Why Casual Lifestyle Sportswear…and Why The Last Resort?  

The Last Resort features women’s clothing and men’s clothing in fabrics such as cotton and cotton gauze, hemp, hemp/organic cotton and hemp/Tencel blends. 

People want to be comfortable, and these are the fabrics of choice. The Last Resort has the right fit, the right styles, and the right colors that you are looking for. Once you wear our casual lifestyle clothing, you won’t go back to mystery fabrics. Cotton, gauze, and hemp breathe naturally and absorb moisture without feeling clammy. These fabrics are just right for travel wear, cruise wear, resort wear or simply enjoying an afternoon on a hike, or at home doing nothing.

Consumers have problems finding the right sizes. Manufacturers are not too consistent in sizing garments and they often size too small. A decision was made early on to “size up”, even when discouraged by manufacturer’s representatives. Feedback from the shop’s customers verify our decision.

People want quality domestic products. Many are tired of the big box stores that import 99 percent of their products from China. The majority of our lines are from the United States, Mexico, and Peru.

And finally, people want customer service. The Last Resort is proud to provide old-fashioned service. 

We are grateful to be able to fulfill your resort wear, travel wear, and casual lifestyle clothing needs. 


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